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Year 1 and 2 Polar Bears

About Me

Inspired by many of my own teachers, from a very young age I knew that I wanted to ignite curiosity in young learners. One of my earliest memories was creating a booklet of fun activities for my friend’s younger sibling to complete.

After completing my PGCE, at the University of Huddersfield I secured my first teaching role where I was responsible for teaching a Year One Class. Following this I moved to Australia where I enjoyed working with children with special educational needs, before moving to Qatar to teach at The Royal Grammar School Guildford in Qatar.

As a Key Stage One Teacher at First Steps International School, I am excited to design lessons that encourage discussion, collaboration and activities that ensure children are actively engaged in their learning. I believe questions are a powerful tool for assessment, so I carefully select them to support and stretch all of my learners. Children are also encouraged to ask their own questions which will aim to challenge and further-deepen their thinking. Through role-modelling learning processes, children learn skills to become independent learners and their efforts are always celebrated. I am to support children to build resilience and adopt a growth mind-set within a classroom in which they feel safe to take risks.

I have many interests and try to live a compassionate lifestyle. I love people and animals and will always try to help others if I can. In my spare time I like to be outdoors and very much enjoy walking in both urban and rural landscapes. I enjoy being creative in the kitchen and try to infuse Thai flavours into my cooking and further develop my cooking skills. Travel excites me and working in an international setting has been very rewarding and an incredible experience. I am able to challenge myself and it allows me to continue to celebrate diversity and learn about different cultures.

Looking at, listening to and thinking about creative forms such as; art, photography, architecture, fashion, music, dance, poetry and film interests me. I also enjoy taking part in creative processes such as taking photographs, journaling and sewing.

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